Where can I go to obtain a burning permit online?


What are the rules for burning in the Town Of Indian Trail?

The town of Indian Trail is in the process of implementing their own burn ordinance but they have not been adopted yet by the council. So for right now, The citizens of Indian Trail are to follow the burn ordinance for Union County http://www.indiantrail.org/DocumentCenter/View/754


Can a fire truck come out to my son/daughter birthday party?

Yes, If you live in the Stallings Fire Department response area than we will be more than happy to bring a firetruck out to your birthday parties. On the “contact us” page of our website is a drop down box that says “schedule fire safety event”. Click on that, fill out the information and someone will be in touch with you. Please give us atleast 2 weeks notice before the party.

What are the rules for burning in the Town of Stallings?


Are the blue Reflective signs required?

No, they are not required but in the case you need our help it will help us locate you quicker. If you go to the “contact us” page on our website, there is a drop down box for you to order your blue reflective sign today.