Mission Statement

Stallings Fire Department

Mission Statement and Core Values
It is the purpose and responsibility of the Stallings Fire Department to provide continuous medical, fire and rescue services to protect the lives and property of those that live, work or invest in the communities we serve and protect.

• Brotherhood Through mutual respect, loyalty and teamwork, we shall work to develop the highest level of brotherhood within our department.

• Pride and Ownership Taking pride in our department, equipment, training, action and services provided.

• Integrity Having high moral standards and values as individuals and as a department.

• Leadership Through leadership, we will instill trust, honor, courage, knowledge and skill in our members.

• Loyalty Being loyal to one another as a department and our community. Establishing trust as a whole and individually in and outside of the department.

• Consistency and Equality Stallings Fire Department will respond to and mitigate any and all emergencies with the same effort every time, regardless of any social economic differences within the surrounding communities.